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This church is associated with Father Gabriel Richard and he is buried in a marble tomb in a chapel that bears his name.Father Richard was sent away from France to avoid the excesses of the Revolution.And the priests primarily wanted to educate the Indians, get them to adopt the customs of French culture and convert them to the Roman Catholic religion.A frequently-told story reports that after Cadillac’s arrival on July 24, his company began building a small chapel that was completed two days later, hence the name St. That is, the Roman ecclesial calendar celebrates the feast day of St.Not surprisingly, the church has the traditional cruciform lay out.The entrance is particularly impressive with its triple pointed arch portal. Anne’s on Bates were incorporated into the new church including the cornerstone and the altar although it became a side altar in the church you see. Anne’s neighborhood was probably low when the church opened in 1887.

The Mexican population of Detroit either stagnated or declined after World War II but, after about 1970, began to grow slowly. Anne’s regained its role in Detroit’s religious community by serving Spanish-speaking immigrants.

In 1708, a large church was built outside the palisades. When the Fox Indians threatened the residents of the village in 1714, the French burned the church to prevent its being used by the Indians for attacks on Fort Pontchartrain.

Another church may or may not have been built shortly after 1714.

With the coming of World War II, Mexicans and Mexican-Americans came to Detroit for defense industry jobs.

Many settled in this area and the parish apparently began offering Masses in Spanish as early as 1940.

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